Artificial Turf
Conserve water and reduce upkeep with synthetic grass.
Have a yard that is green in every season.
You don’t need to settle for brown and patchy grass areas. Artificial turf is great for improving the aesthetic of your yard and providing more useable space. You can have a lush green area that looks healthy all year round and feels great to walk on.
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We provide professional artificial turf installation services.
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Save time, money, and energy with synthetic grass.
Here are some things homeowners love about our artificial turf service -
Conserve water
Synthetic grass is more eco-friendly than natural grass in that it uses less water to maintain. You can have a beautiful green area without spilling out gallons of water every month.
Lower utility expenses
Homeowners save money with an artificial turf. By exchanging natural grass for synthetic grass you can reduce the use of resources like water and fertilizer. Your yard can look beautiful without breaking the bank.
Reduce maintenance
Artificial grass is a great solution for homeowners looking for a low maintenance outdoor space. You don't need to water, mow, or fertilize synthetic grass. In addition, artificial turf doesn't die or become dehydrated in hot climates like natural grass does.
"We had a great experience with Desert Designs. We raised a wall, installed a large travertine patio and artificial turf. Josh made us feel very comfortable from the start. He explained the pros and cons of different materials available to us, and helped us get the most out of our budget."
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